Suleiman Yusuf Koore: from a security guard to a government minister in Somaliland 

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Suleiman Yusuf Koore

The story of Suleiman Yusuf Koore typifies the phrase ‘From grass to grace’. He started as a security guard and rose through the ranks to become a government minister in Somaliland. 

His journey to the top began as a watchman at Radio Hargeisa, the state broadcaster of the self-proclaimed republic of Somaliland, in 1984.

Radio Hargeisa was located in the same compound with the ministry of information. At the time, Koore lived with his family on the outskirts of Hargeisa earning $12 a monthly.

Until recently, being a security guard or watchman in most parts of Africa was seen as a job for the uneducated, underprivileged and poor who are desperately in need of a job to survive.

According to Koore story, as a security guard in the radio station, he was restricted from entering into the minister’s office because of his position.

The one time watchman Koore has now become the Minister of Information and Communication of Somaliland working in the same compound where he earned $12. This made him the most senior person in the environment. 

Although, in the last 25 years, he has been involved in politics and has headed several departments as minister. In December he began his first tenure at the information ministry, which he regards as his true home.

While sharing his story with BBC, he said “It sounds great to me that I became a minister of information at the ministry I worked at during my youthful days as it has a special meaning to my life.”

Today, Koore’s wages have multiplied beyond imagination as compared to the time he was earning $12 a month.

According to reports from Somaliland, ministers earn roughly $2,000 per month as well as about $705 in allowances.

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