Tips to Maintain a Good Physical Condition When You Are Older

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It is common to avoid physical activity when you reach a certain age, either because of fear of unexpected injuries or because you do not have routines that generate long-term goals.

Experts share data on how physical exercise helps in the daily life of someone who stays all day in front of a desk, and how they change their habits by incorporating an efficient routine of low impact in their daily lives.

Remember that it’s never too late to change exercise habits, but where do you start? Before doing so remember to go to your doctor for advice.

Walk more, and faster

It is difficult to break down the benefits of a good walk, but it is even more difficult to find some kind of reason not to do it. A report from Macmillan University found that if each person walked 30 minutes a day, more than 37,000 lives would be saved per year. It also reduces the risks of suffering from type II diabetes and heart disease, as has also shown that a moderate pace walk prevents the risk of suffering Alzheimer’s. Like any habit, it is much more difficult to acquire it than to maintain it, and so that it does not happen, experts recommend hiking with another person.


Cycling is listed as an incredible way to keep fit by being a low impact activity. Take advantage of a park or your urbanization. Just a small route and 20 minutes a day to consider cycling as a physical activity that can increase the quality of life.

New physical activities  

Many people evade making a new physical activity because they consider that the impact generates a dangerous stress on their bodies. But doing aerobic exercises-at any age-increases the density of the bones, which is helpful for women of advanced age. Weight training can attract even more benefits to bones and muscle mass. The study of the English Journal of Bio-gerontology recommends all older adults to perform aerobic and resistance exercises accompanied by a high protein diet. All these measures help to preserve muscle mass.

Even if it hurts, do not give up

It is normal to feel tired the first time you try something, but it is only the muscles protesting to have made them work out of their comfort zone. The situation occurs at any age and lasts no more than two days. Engaging in little exercise causes joint pain and starting with a more vigorous routine helps mitigate the consequences of being in front of a desk or TV all day.

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