West Africa’s “Mami Water” myth to go global

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A South African Surf Company called Mami Wata is promoting African surfing to the world stage by strengthening African tourism using an African image of folklore.

The preferred choice of image and design is West Africa’s Mami Water spirit or goddess. The water spirit is commonly regarded as a river goddess or spirit with Mermaid-like appearance and comes with powers of beauty, love, fertility and good fortune.

The goal of the surf company is to attract global attention to African surfing and what better way to achieve this than using an African mythical image synonymous to water/surfing.

With the landscape of the country as regards its beaches and coastlines hosting local tournaments as well as incorporating images of the Mami Wata into its merchandise, the company is not only promoting the emerging South African surfing sport but also putting the African culture on global map.

The landscapes, a potential tourist attraction site and a choice location for fans of the sport also contribute towards showcasing the Mami Wata African myth and culture to the eyes of the world.

Established in 2017 in the city of Cape Town, the company focuses on advocating African surf tourism by inspiring surfers beyond the across the world to come surf in Africa.

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Africh Royale

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