Afrihost launches Pure Fibre 

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Afrihost launches Pure Fibre 

Afrihost has unveiled its latest fiber product referred to as “Pure Fibre.”

According to the company:

“Afrihost is introducing a simple, powerful fiber solution that it is uncapped, unshaped, unthrottled, and unmetered”.

“You will get all the speed, all the time, no matter how much data you use.”

“The performance of the product will never change according to how much you use”

Pure Fibre also eliminates complex choices between different variations of uncapped – like Premium and Home.”

“It’s one affordable, premium product that gives you all the Internet you need.”

The company emphasized that the new fiber accounts will have no usage limits and there are no contracts, or hidden terms and conditions.

In a bid to encourage users to switch to Afrihost Pure Fibre, the ISP is offering up to R5,000 in value to clients who sign up.

It added that clients who sign up for a new Pure Fibre installation with Afrihost will receive free installation and activation, a Wi-Fi router, and up to 2 months of free service.

Also, Clients who migrate their existing fiber line to Pure Fibre from another ISP will receive an equivalent credit for their migration fees, a Wi-Fi router – if needed – and up to 3 months free.

“The promotion will cover the items mentioned up to a maximum of R5,000. Afrihost will also cover up to 30 meters of cabling with the installation”.

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Afrihost said there are a limited number of new R5,000 Pure Fibre specials available, and a R999 cancellation fee will be applicable should clients cancel within 6 months of activation.

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