Black history has its roots from the beginning of humanity

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Black history
Black history has its roots from the beginning of humanity

Several stories, tales, history and culture have been told about  nations. In reality, little time is accorded the discussion of black history. Many believe before the Europeans came, Africans walked naked, lived in the dark and confused et al. It has generated a heated discourse this was the plan of the Europeans all along; to exhibit themselves as the savior of humanity through the television contents and other means of information dissemination.

Have you ever asked what really happened before Greece and Rome took over? Most of our teachers never laid any emphasis on how black were civilized and advanced people before a single caucasian walked the earth. If it was mentioned that human life began in Africa, it’s often introduced in a way not worth it, and that black people were lost until “The Great White Hope” came along.

Historian John Henrik Clarke reveals that: “ Civilization did not begin in European countries, and the rest of the world wasn’t living in darkness and waited for the Europeans to bring the light. In order to understand how this orientation came about, one needs to look at the sad state of what is called “world history”. There is not a single book in existence with title incorporation of the words “world history” that is an honest commentary on the history of the world and its people. If it were, the Europeans would have found a way of manipulating it cause either would have brought them low and weak Most of the history books written in the last five hundred years have been with the aim of glorifying the Europeans at the expense of other peoples. This history of Asia has been as shamefully distorted as the history of Africa.

Most Western historians have never admitted that there is an African history to be written about and that this history precedes the emergence of Europe by a millennium ago. It is absolutely impossible for the world to have lived in darkness and waited for the Europeans to bring the light because, for most of the early history of man, the Europeans themselves lived in darkness. When the revelation of culture came for the first time to the people who would later call themselves Europeans, it came from the African and Middle Eastern Asia. Most history books tend to ignore this fact. ”

In the book titled “The World Was Black – The Untold History Of The World’s First Civilizations (Prehistoric Culture)”, Part One, the author, Supreme Understanding explains that: “Black people are the originals of all human history. Sounds like a proud yet bold claim, something that people often say, but can never fully affirm. It’s the type of assertion that falls in league with “Black people are the mothers and fathers of all civilization” and “All the gods of the world’s religions were originally Black.” These are some bold claims, often made by the excited lip professors and arrogant rhetoric-ologists, but they’re pure fallacy .”

They are indeed pure fallacy. There are adequate sources that prove the original circumstance of black people. The book quoted above, When The World Was Black, Part One is one of the contemporary classics that literally “ covers more than 200,000 years of Black History across every square inch of the Planet Earth. ”

 Supreme Understanding undoubtedly proves beyond any reasonable doubt that people who “ founded the first cultures and civilizations of Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and North and South America” were blacks. It is a thorough and well organized documentation of the Prehistoric Culture and how it akin to the melanated masses.

In the next edition of his book “When The World Was Black,” Part Two, Supreme Understanding dives more into the black origination of ancient civilizations from the last 15,000 years. Both books serve as great resources of information with evidence that showed “The original people of planet earth are black people, from whom the melanated masses emerged.”

Cheikh Anta Diop, philosopher, physicist and a historian, is another popular contributor to the community of Ancient Black History. In one of his classic works, The African Origin Of Civilization , Diop demonstrates how the Black origins of civilization are a reality rather than a just a myth:

“Though the hypothesis of scholars often proves true, the fact remains that at the present moment, while awaiting potential discoveries to prove the contrary, the sole scientific conclusion conforming to the evidence is that the first humans, the very first Homo Sapiens were “Negroids”. 

On this note, we can then stand without covering our eyes that black history did not start in America, it started at the beginning of humanity.

Africh Royale

Africh Royale

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