Remembering 12 million Africans transported during 350 years of Transatlantic human trade

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Transatlantic Human Slave Trade

The International Day for Remembrance of Slave Trade is a solemn day in the black history calendar, often marked with bitter-sweet memories of the gory experience of slavery to the black race and the ultimate victory of overcoming the 350 years of the transAtlantic human trade.

On the cold day of August 23, 2014, hundreds of people gathered at the Historic Sotterley Plantation to commemorate the landing of the ship Generous Jenny on the Eastern Shore of the U.S. state of Maryland carrying captured Africans.

Organized by Ann Chinn, founder of the Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project and a local committee including educators, government officials and faith leaders, participants learned about the history of the plantation from descendants of both the family who once owned the plantation and of the enslaved people whose work made it a thriving enterprise.  

Working as volunteers, Project organizers have documented 52 landing sites of ships on the eastern and Gulf coasts of the United States and remembered the nearly 12 million Africans transported during 350 years of the transAtlantic human trade.

Through dozens of public educational and cultural events that have provoked wide-ranging discussions and placed commemorative markers, the project laid the groundwork for many recent recognitions and the beginnings of compensation for the families of enslaved people who contributed to the prosperity of American institutions, such as the profits from slave-trading that built Georgetown University.

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