Etruscans: the first settlers of Rome

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It is a known fact in history that the first humans on earth were black people. This burns the fact that historians, scientists, and archaeologists have proven it. It is, therefore, safe to agree that the black people dominated many parts of Europe for thousands of years before the Europeans (Caucasians) stocked moved. 

Italy, the capital of Rome was originally occupied by black people, who are called Etruscans.

Some are of the opinion that the Etruscans were descendants of refugees from the fallen city of Troy, led by the swarthy (dark-skinned) prince Aeneas after the city was defeated by the Greeks 

The city of Rome was originally called Ra Ouma which means “A Place Protected by Ra.” The art and statues of the Etruscans erected in Rome revealed they do be Africans. History further tells us that they were sensual and creative people. 

The worship of Ra by the Etruscans simply means that they most likely had a spiritual, cultural and physical link to Kenneth, ancient Egypt. Archaeologists discovered that two African peoples, the Sicani, and the Liburni occupied ancient Italy.

Virgil, a Roman writer, reveals that the Pelasgians, the Kemetians (Black People) who inhabited southern Greece, also occupied the seven hills of Rome. Thereafter, the Romans later became a “Latin” people and became a mixed race. But the black element played a crucial part in Rome’s history. The Africans were everything, from charioteers to soldiers, generals and Emperors.  

The Caucasians (albinos), who were known as “the Latins” began to migrate from the Eurasian plains to Italy. They most likely traveled with the people of Hellenes into Greece and then moved further into Italy, which was a Black territory. The relationship between the Caucasians and the Black inhabitants of Italy was termed chaotic, as the Caucasians were violent and invasive.

It is crucial to state that the first Black inhabitants were not just limited to Italy (Rome), but stretched to Greece, and the Aegean area. When the threats and violence from the White invaders escalated, the Blacks of these areas formed a coalition.

A huge number of them packed up their properties, boarded their ships and moved out of their land. Some of the people retreated, to protect their lands and deal with the white Etruria.

The Etruscans (Black owners of Rome), had their own different way of building their homes and cities. They built their houses on steep hills, which were surrounded by thick walls.

Caucasian-Roman accounts posits that the white Romans were the first to build the walls, but according to factual history and accounts of the Etruscans, the Blacks were the first to build the ancient walls of Rome and the Vatican.

With these unquenchable facts, it’s fair play to say all accounts of the Origin of Rome are fictional. There are stories on the internet as well as books. They are Caucasians version who have manipulated the truth to the true identity of the Etruscans, who occupied Etruria. 

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Africh Royale

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