Google reveals advanced protection for high-risk employees

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Google reveals advanced protection for high-risk employees

In its bid to level up its security for businesses, Google has unveiled a host of new protections for its G Suite, Google Cloud Platform and Cloud Identity customers at the Next Tokyo summit. 

The G Suite Enterprise admins can choose to enroll high-risk employees in an advanced protection program, automatically receive anomalous activity alerts and enable one-click access to additional apps.

Although, a version of the Advanced Protection Program which was launched two years ago is now available to G Suite business clients who are high-risk for a targeted online attack, such as IT administrators, CEOs and those who work in security-sensitive roles in finance and government.

Hence, to protect against phishing or account takeovers, the program would enforce the use of compatible two-factor authentication hardware keys like Google’s own Titan. Also, admins can automatically block access to third-party apps that the company doesn’t trust.

Google has also disclosed that it made improvements to its G Suite security and alert center for admins, which it launched in beta back in April. 

The new alert center is now equipped with machine learning models that detect security risks such as unusual external file-sharing or download behavior. Therefore, admins can now receive alerts of such “anomalous activity” in the G Suite alert center. Also, it will roll out support for password vaulted apps through Cloud Identity over the next few days.

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However, titans Security Keys, which only have been available in the United States since last fall, are available starting today in Japan, Canada, France, and the UK. The wireless Bluetooth-enabled key in the package has drawn criticism from the security community over safety concerns. Google recalled some of its Titan Security Keys earlier this year due to a minor security flaw.

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