Two Black Female Attorneys Help Freed 17 Inmates

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Two Black female

Two black female attorneys, MiAngel Cody, and Brittany K. Barnett, are finally being credited for their enormous efforts in the release of 17 prisoners who received life-without-parole sentences for minor drug offenses.

The news of the freed 17 prisoners broke out a few weeks ago. All the credit was given to Kim Kardashian, excluding the attorneys from the picture. The news went viral in a few seconds upon publication because it wasn’t the first time she has been involved with prison reform. However, the two black females were the ones who walked miles to get the paperwork done. Howbeit, they acknowledge Kim Kardashian who teamed up with them to provide financial support for the project.

This time, MiAngel and Brittany had to come forward to clear the air about the media overlooking the roles played by them.

In a statement released by Brittany – an attorney and criminal justice reform advocate – on her Facebook post, she said it was actually two Black women (herself and her colleague MiAngel) who were responsible for the legal force that has freed the 17 prisoners through their ‘Buried Alive Project’. She asserted that Kim Kardashian supported the initiative with funds.

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The post reads, “Kim Kardashian teamed up with us to support us when foundations turned us down. We and our clients and their families have a lot of love for her and really appreciate her efforts. Regardless of who supported us financially for the past three months, in 90 days, ‘Two Black Women Lawyers freed Seventeen people from Life-Without-Parole sentences (the second most severe penalty permitted by law in America)’. Only two of us did it”.

Before taking up the humanity service, Brittany and MiAngel both had six-figure jobs as attorneys. However, they have dedicated themselves to advocating justice reform and doing it for free. Through their organization, they worked for the release of those who were given life sentences without parole by representing them in court. They also called for the spread of the awareness and policy change about it.

Meanwhile, Barnett has deeply appreciated Kim Kardashian for not taking full credit on the project. Also, she appreciated Kim for using her medium to advocate for criminal justice reform.

“Kim Kardashian has always been clear in her role. It’s the media that overturns the table (not Kim). Kim’s support is needed and the support of anyone else who wants to join this fight”, she revealed.

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