U.K.’s Channel 4 Takes British Family to Africa in New Reality Show

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U.K.’s Channel 4 Takes British Family to Africa in New Reality Show
Moffatt Family with the Himba tribe

UK Broadcasting station Channel 4 is offering the greenlit “the British Tribe Next Door,” new factual entertainment format, where the British family will spend four weeks in Namibia with a remote family.
The twist in this format is that, unlike most adventurers, the participants don’t say farewell to the comforts of their home— they bring them with them instead.

The family has running water, electricity and everything they own, from frozing ready-made meals to a TV.

The four-episode hour-long series is produced for Channel 4 by the Voltage TV and Motion Content Group. The British family that travels to Namibia are Scarlett Moffatt and her family who feature in the “Gogglebox” series C4.

A small village of semipresent Himba livestock herders is to join the communities that largely live in traditional lives and look at the sedentary, technologically advanced consummation styles in Western life. The four episodes will explore the challenges to the Himba way of life from the attractions of the nearby cities for their young people to the effects on their harvests of global warming.

“This series contrasts a spectacularly large two worlds – but it is central about the extraordinary relations it creates,” says Alf Lawrie, Head of Factual Entertainment at Channel 4.

“The British Tribe Next Door” has been one of several new series launched this week by Channel 4 at the Edinburgh TV festival.

Channel 4 also called for “Putin: A Russian Spy Story,” which will show Putin’s power and how it has transformed the world. The inside tale of the British Conservative Party’s bitter fight over the U.K.’s membership in the EU will be told by “Brexit Two Tribes.”

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In the Comedy department of Channel 4, “Rufus Jones” and “Lady Parts” have also been shown in a second series, a new comedy for an all-weir Muslim punk group.

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