Namibia Broadcasting Corporation launches its first Reality TV Show

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Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) finally aired its first reality show, ‘Body with Maria’. The show launched on Friday will be aired on NBC TV every Sunday and hosted by Namibian Big brother participant and entrepreneur Maria Nepembe.

“Body with Maria” is a reality fitness show for people that want to improve their bodies, either to keep fit, lose weight or gain weight 

At the premiere of the reality show, the NBC director general Stanley Similo said, “When I started as the director general of NBC, part of my agenda for the television was to bring in reality shows and for a year we have been talking concepts of two reality shows, one is the fitness program‘ Body with Maria’ and the other is ‘On the street’ which will be announced later.”

Similo further said the focus of NBC’s reality television was to give back to the community by bringing in content that is 100 percent local and that people can easily comprehend.

“We want people to watch the show and recognize people that they know because it is more like inspiring them to also make changes to their lives. As the NBC crew, we knew what we want and we are certain this reality show will be a success,” Similo said, highlighting that the show will make a lot of people discover who they are by keeping fit and eating healthily, either any of the participants or the viewers. 

Speaking on the show, Maria Nepembe who was delighted to be the first Namibian to host a reality show, said the show came to reality by 10 participants who were determined to live healthy lifestyles. She urged them to keep on working on their bodies and stay healthy, adding that by the end of the first season the ultimate winner will be heralded.

Several participants have begun to send their testimonials after the first season.

 “I have seen a lot of improvement when I took part in the reality show; I have lost more than 12 KG and I am very happy because I was quite unsatisfied with my body, but now I am in love with my body every day and am looking forward to losing more weight,” said Suama Katshuna, one of the participants of the show.

Another participant, Buruxa Owos-Oas said since she has seen a lot of changes in herself, she’s now addicted to fitness. 

“I have always been motivated by Maria Nepembe’s fitness journey and when she started the platform, I applied because I knew she was going to assist me with my body goals. I was very vulnerable with my body but now I am getting my desired body,” Owos-Oas added excitedly.

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NBC’s chief news and programming officer, Menesia Muinjo, concluded that they have always wanted local content and are looking forward to the next season.

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