50 Cent Confirms “Power” Is Not Ending Just Yet

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50 Cent Confirms Power Is Not Ending Just Yet

Kurtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent has confirmed the series Power is not going to end with season 6 as was earlier concluded, giving reasons it has to be so.

The producers of the show had previously said that they already had ideas for several spin-off series. However, it looks like the next season of Power actually won’t be the end. 

The rapper and executive producer is doubling down on his claims, making yet another announcement that Season 6 won’t be the final taste of the series.

“I have decided not to end POWER,” wrote Curtis Jackson on social media, uploading an image of himself at a red carpet event. “When you see season 6 you will understand why.” 

His decision to continue planning new episodes of the celebrated series must have happened at a late stage while they were finishing up the production. It’s possible that the crew was unsure of how they wanted to end the show, writing a sick new plot to keep things going for another year. 

Regardless, we’re excited to see what’s in store and hopefully, we don’t owe 50 Cent any money for the extra episodes we’ll be getting. 

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The new season of Power airs in August.

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