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Ghanaians are certainly making waves in the fashion industry in the UK and Charlotte Mensah is an inspiring and charming one among them, having made [...]
It was in the thick of racism when the black and white communities did not mix and yet she pulled it off, becoming the first ever black woman to be cr [...]
Multiple award-winning singer, actress, makeup mogul and fashion designer Rihanna has become the first black woman to create a luxury brand with the w [...]
Rwanda’s Paul Kagame recently gave an inspiring speech on the country's airwaves , inspiring thousands of Rwandans in the march towards a peaceful and [...]
Halima Aden has heard it all: "You're not Somali enough. You're not a good Muslim. You're not American enough. I have multiple identities, multiple th [...]
She came back from the Miss World Pageant in long attachments which drew flaks from the country’s president . However,Uganda outspoken president Yowe [...]
By Manny Ita Beauty it is said, is in the eye of the beholder, and for different people of the sexes, that beauty is perceived in diverse ways; altho [...]
Kenya’s fashion industry in the future will all be about fish skin. For many in Kenya’s north rift valley of Kitale, fish is a culinary delight. When [...]
Akwasi Frimpong, the skeleton athlete who represented Ghana at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang is on the move. Not so much about his move on t [...]
Donatella Versace has built a replica of Lady Liberty’s Torch which according to her, is a symbol of Women, empowerment  and Strength In the center [...]
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