Kojo Black marks the return year in Africa’s Song ‘Sunshine’

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Ghanaian singer Kojo Black has published a music video that best follows on this memorable occasion, as this year has been declared as the “Year of Return, Ghana 2019” an initiative to celebrate that quarter-century of the first slave ship in Jamestown, Virginia.

The unique musician video was shot in a place in the north of Ghana, known as “Sunshine In Africa” and features Atimbila. The story of Ghana and Africa in general is clear as the clothes used in these pictures were obviously an African cultural dress.

The video of Soba shows a gorgeous and rich green heritage belonging to Ghana’s firefighters. It also features some of Ghana’s most exciting tourist attractions. The flags of Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Burundi, Guinea, Liberia and Kenya were thus seen holding the national colors of Vixens in that marvelous piece.

In this video, Kojo Black urged the Ghanaian and African diasporas to come back to know their ancestors ‘ history.

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The Year of Return, Ghana 2019, marked 400 years from the arrival of Africans first enslaved in Jamestown Virginia, is an important spiritual and birth right path that invites the global African family in and outside the United States. When our sisters and kids came from Africa for years of deprivation, humiliation and torture, the arrival of Africans who have been enslaved was sordid and traumatizing.
As the year of Return, Ghana 2019, marks 400 years since the arrival of enslaved Africans in the US, it celebrates a cumulative resilience of all the people who had been dispersed and displaced throughout the world in North America, South America, Caribbean, Europe and Asia. As of August 2019 is the year of return, Ghana 2019.

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