Afriqloud launches in Uganda, 15 African Countries to follow next year

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Afriqloud launches in Uganda, 15 African Countries to follow next year

A European edge cloud software company, GIG Technology, in partnership with BringCom and science and technology investor, Imprimatur Capital has unveiled afriQloud.

However, afriQloud has launched in Uganda as it aims to provide customers with an innovative and secure cloud service.

The CEO of afriQloud, Hans van Linschoten, noted that:

“We see significant potential in the growing African cloud market, and we’re excited to bring this service to the continent. By the end of 2019, we will complement the few developed markets with a powerful and locally distributed cloud in at least 15 countries. This ensures data sovereignty for institutions and governments within Africa’s shores.”

Although, afriQloud is also building bridges to the African incubators and tech hubs, however, more than 440 tech hubs are available today and more funding is being raised by tech startups across the African continent. 

The aim of afriQloud is to have the Edge Cloud installed in cities and tech hub ecosystems that host a higher number of startups and developers. 

According to the Chairman of GIG Technology, Mark Simmonds, cloud adoption is predominantly private, the African markets are generating growth of 30 percent in public cloud sales. Few other ICT market segments in the African tech ecosystem have the potential of adding an incremental $2 billion in top-line revenue over the next 5 years.

Also speaking the CEO of BringCom,  Fabrice Langreney, explained that the opening up of the global market will require African companies and organizations to be equally competitive in the deployment of e-solutions, scalability, secure data accessibility and connectivity in line with international standards.

The CEO of afriQloud added that the company has hit the ground and intends to keep up the pace as its service in Africa is long overdue. 

He noted that in a few months, the company will also expand its service in East Africa. “Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia will be afriQloud active very soon. 

“We are working through channels in Southern Africa as well – Zambia, Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique are our next target markets.” 

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Linschoten stressed that the West African region, “Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Cameroon” is good and ripe for the plucking as the company will be present in all these countries this year.

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