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The late Nigerian Arts Virtuoso, Ben Enwonwu, whose works continue to rake in millions and million of dollars. Ben Enwonwu is the Nigerian Arts Virtu [...]
Ike Nwala, a Nigerian-American tech wiz, has taken the country’s entertainment industry by storm, as the most sought-after comedian in one of the mos [...]
Aug 10, 2008 American singer-songwriter and actor Isaac Hayes passes on. American singer-songwriter and actor, Isaac Hayes passed away (August10) in [...]
August 9, 1936: Jesse Owens won fourth gold medal at the Berlin Olympics. In August 9 1936, Jesse Owens won his fourth gold medal at the Berlin Olymp [...]
August 8, 1846: The Wilmot Proviso became globally known. On August 8 Wilmot Proviso, in U.S. history, is an important congressional proposal in the [...]
August 7: The Wilmot Proviso was proposed in the United States. August 7 was the day The Wilmot Proviso, an attempt to prohibit the extension of slav [...]
August 6, 1962: Nelson Mandela got arrested. However on this particular day, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act. Nelson Mandela was arres [...]
August 5, 1966:  This fateful day; Dr Martin Luther King Jr.  was hit by rocks from the white protesters. Civil rights icon Dr Martin Luther King Jr. [...]
August 4, 1865: On this day, African Creeks considered full citizens of the Creek Nation. The Loyal Creek Council formally declared that African Cree [...]
August 3, 1934: On this day, Jonas Savimbi was given birth to in Angola. Jonas Savimbi , in full Jonas Malheiro Savimbi (born August 3, 1934, Portugu [...]
1 2 3 216 10 / 2152 POSTS