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Meet The Naija Wives of Toronto

The ‘Naija Wives of Toronto’ (NWT) is a Canadian reality TV show that chronicles the lives of four beautiful Nigerian Canadian ladies – Abby Ayoola, Emilian Andrew, Uche Nwokeji and Rachel Omobude, as they make a living in Canada. These are successful business women, career professionals, mothers and grandmothers who have been able to overcome challenges of living in a foreign land and all of the attendant problems.

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Giza Pyramid in Egypt

Egypt, the North African country is a choice destination for tourists all over the world. The nation is well known for its ancient structures and Pharaoh-like accessories and of course, mummies.

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Mo Ibrahim Prods African Governments on Self-sufficiency, Resilience

The Sudanese-British entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Dr. Mo Ibrahim, has reported that his foundation’s latest Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) report showed a decline in its measures of good governance for the first time in a decade, combined with optimism about places such as Sudan that are undergoing democratic revivals.

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Nigerian Fashion Label responds to Covid-19 needs

In what can be considered a creative ingenuity and brilliance, a fashion label in Nigeria changed its mode of operation by switching from the production of high end and custom made clothing to making Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help Covid-19 health workers.

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Oye Diran and his Yoruba inspired Photography

It is often said that a man is a product of his environment and experiences and for New York based Nigerian Photographer, Oye Diran, such a saying definitely holds true. From his experiences in Nigeria before moving to America, the diversity of influences can be seen in his photography.

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